Volume XXVII, 2012


Vinogradov Yu.A.
Pages of Bosporus Archaeology History the Era of the Imperial Archaeological Commission (1859-1917)


Chapter I. Towards the creation of the Imperial Archaeological Commission

1.1.  Ancient archaeology in Russia in the mid-19th century

1.2.  Note of A.E. Lyutsenko “On the extension of activities of the Kerch Museum, interrupted by the events of the last war”

1.3.  Challenges for future research in the Bosporus

1.4.  Excavations in 1858

Chapter II. Stroganov period in the history of the Imperial Archaeological Commission (1859-1881)

2.1.   First year of the Commission

2.2.   A.E. Lyutsenko and S.G. Stroganov about the organization of archaeological research in the Bosporus

2.3.   Note of A.E. Lyutsenko about Bosporus mounds

2.4.   Some comments on the methodology of excavating mounds in the 19th century

2.5. Studying Bosporus mounds (from Yuz-Oba to Bolshaya Bliznitsa)

2.6.   Note of I.E. Zabelin on the archaeological sites of the Taman Peninsula

2.7.   Studying the Taman Peninsula mounds (from Vasyurinskaya mound to Artyukhovsky mound)

2.8.   Studying funerary monuments in the Kerch Peninsula

2.9.   Necropoleis of the Lowe Don

2.10.Studying Bosporus settlements

2.11.Cimmerian Bosporus heritage conservation

2.12.Some results

Chapter III. Studying Bosporus antiquities in A.A. Vasilchikov’s time (1882-1886)

3.1.   S.I. Verebryusov and N.P. Kondakov about the tasks of further study of Bosporus antiquities

3.2.   Studying Bosporus mounds and ground cemeteries

3.3.   Excavation program of F.I. Gross

3.4.   Studying settlements

3.5.   Some results

Chapter IV. A.A. Bobrinsky and the study of Bosporus antiquities in the late 19th century

4.1.   New tendencies

4.2.   K.E. Dumberg and his view of the future of Bosporus archaeology

4.3. Excavations of ground cemeteries and mound necropolis in the European Bosporus

4.4. Excavations of mounds and ground cemeteries in the Asian Bosporus

4.5.   Work on the sites of the European Bosporus

4.6.   Excavations on the sites of the Asian Bosporus

4.7.   “New development” works of K.E. Dumberg

4.8.   Archaeology of Feodosia

4.9.   Excavations of A.A. Bobrinsky in Kerch

4.10.Excavationa of Professor Y.A. Kulakovsky in the Bosporus

4.11.Finishing the 19th century

Chapter V. Studying Bosporus antiquities in the early 20th century

5.1.   Appointment of V.V. Shkorpil

5.2.   The Imperial Commission in the early 20th century

5.3.   Excavations of V.V. Shkorpil in Kerch. Ground cemeteries

5.4.   Studying Bosporus mounds

5.5.   Excavations of settlements

5.6.   Some results

Chapter VI. From the Archaeological Commission to the Academy of Material Culture

6.1.   After February, 1917

6.2.   After October, 1917

6.3.   Note of B.V. Farmakovsky on the activities of the Department of ancient antiquities RSAC

6.4.   1919 year

6.5.   Some results