Volume ХХХIV, 2017

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Introduction. About Bosporus elite and not only
(Iu.A. Vinogradov)
Chapter I. Bosporus elite before the Spartocids age (M.Iu. Vakhtina)

1.1. Greek colonization of the Bosporus

1.2. First Greek settlements of the Cimmerian Bosporus

1.3. Burials of pre-Archaeanactids time Bosporus necropoleis

1.4. Archaeanactids dynasty

1.5. The situation in the Bosporus at the time of the Archaeanactids coming to power

1.6. Bosporus burials of the Archaeanactids time

1.7. Burial mounds with “barbaric features” near Bosporus cities

1.8. Bosporus elite at the Archaeanactids time

Chapter II. Culture of the Bosporus elite at Spartocids time (Iu.A. Vinogradov)

2.1. Spartocids dynasty

2.2. Bosporus monumental tombs of the IV century BC

2.3. Crypts of the IV century BC with terraced overlap

2.4. Crypts of the IV century BC with circular arch

2.5. Kings of the Bosporus and Bosporus mounds of the IV century BC

2.6. Barbarian aristocracy mounds of the IV century BC at the Bosporus

2.7. Ak-Burun mound (1875) – an important monument of the Great Scythia collapse

2.8. Crypts of “Macedonian” type at the Bosporus

2.9. Terraced crypts of the III-II cc. BC

2.10. Other elite burial monuments of the II-II cc.

2.11. Barbarian aristocracy mounds at the Bosporus in the III-II cc. BC

2.12. Bosporus elite during the crisis of the second half of the II century BC

Chapter III. King and Aristocracy of Sinda in the V – the beginning of the IV cc. BC (V.A. Goroncharovsky)

3.1. Written traditions and archaeological data about the Sindi: their territory and ethnicity

3.2. Burial monuments of Sindi elite

3.3. The role of elite in Sindi society. “Sinda” coins and the problem of “Sinda state”

3.4. Labris (Semibratnee gorodishche) and its importance for study of interaction between elite of Sinda and Greek population of Asian Bosporus

Chapter IV. Elite of the Bosporus in Mithridates and post-Mithridates time (Iu.A. Vinogradov)

4.1. Struggle for the throne of the Bosporus

4.2. The Bosporus and Mithridatic wars

4.3. Mounds of Mithridates time at the Bosporus

4.4. Elite of the Bosporus and Mithridates Eupator

4.5. Struggle for the throne of the Bosporus after Mithridates

4.6. Elite burials of post Mithridates time

Chapter V. Bosporus priesthood (I.Iu. Shaub)

5.1. Epigraphic sources about Bosporus priesthood

5.2. The Great Goddess and her priestesses

5.3. Archaeological signs of priestly burials

5.4. Images and plots associated with the Great Goddess

5.5. Priestly burials

5.6. Features of the Bosporus priesthood

Conclusion. Six centuries of Bosporus aristocracy cultural development (Iu.A.Vinogradov) 325-331
Literature 332-380
Abbreviations 381-383
Illustrations 384-475
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